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The Shoot
"...this one is a must!" - 17 out of 20 at Seriously Reviewed!  Read the full review here.
The Wood
"...I'd say it's excellent."   Five out of five stars at GhostWriter Literary Reviews
"Kathleen Mahoney was never a believer in ancient myth, so much so that she wrote a book demystifying the Celtic Legends. In celebration of the book’s launch, Kath along with a group of friends and some new acquaintances are invited to join in a role playing adventure focusing on the stories she has sought to disprove. The group soon find themselves in a mysterious wood, a dark evil place filled with menace. Is it really the Otherworld?  At first they believe it is all a game; however Kath and the others began to meet creatures, creatures straight from the Celtic myths. They soon find themselves in a violent struggle for survival, fighting against beasts and beings none of them thought, still or even ever existed.
All I can say is this story grabs you right from the first pages.  I found The Wood to be a fast paced horror story that will thrill most horror fans. From the small band of player’s first unexplained encounters till the unforeseen end I found myself drawn into the story, hoping for a good outcome. The author has put together a first-rate cast of characters, human and not, and a very good story line. I liked it very much; in fact, I’d say it’s excellent."
"An enjoyable, fast-paced romp through fantasy and horror," according to fellow-Eternal Press author Carole Johnstone at  Read the fiull review here.

"The skilled pacing and the gruesome fantasy elements cry out for it to be made into a movie"  2.5 out of four at Static Multimedia.  Read the full review here.

"Enter the Wood at your peril. Richardson's books should come with a mental health warning. The horrors come thick and fast in this powerful story of ancient evils. Just wait till you come to the Fomorians. Aaagh! Horror doesn't come any better than this."  Phil McCormac, author, Black Horse Westerns.
"I will never read Irish myth and legend again without recalling The Wood! with shivers! I just hope I don't get any new patients believing they've run into a bunch of Fomorians." Cathy A. Chance, Ph.D., clinical psychologist.
Andraste's Blade
"Richardson gives wonderful detail about what life might have been like during the early Roman invasion of Britain. The character of Archdruid Bran is compelling and throughout the reader hopes he will succeed in defeating Andraste."
From Cathy A Chance's review at Amazon; read the full review on the book's Amazon page.


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