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Here is a list of my publications. 
Fiction only for the moment - although I've been told that the two dissertaions I did for my degree count as publications, too.

'The Well' (Novella), eTreasures Publishiing, 2012 (Horror)
'The Doe and the Dragon', Rogue Phoenix Press, 2011 (Fantasy/Horror)
'The Shoot' (Novelette), Eternal Press, 2009 (Erotica)
'The Wood', Eternal Press, 2009 (Horror)
'Andraste's Blade', Dark Realm Press, 2005 (Horror)
Short Stories:
(Drafting this makes me realise how long it is since I had a short published.  That's because I've been concentrating on novels in recent years.  I haven't written any short stories since 'The Cauldron of Rebirth' was published in 2002).
'The Cauldron of Rebirth', in Legend, 2002
(...grisly and effective story of war and magic (The Fix, Issue 5))
'Snuff', in Unhinged, 2001
(Perhaps the strongest piece [in the magazine}...the taut, impassioned prose and genuinely chilling...unconditinally demonstrative of its effectiveness as a valid work of horror fiction. (The Fix, Issue 1))
'The Washer at the Ford', in Unhinged, 1999
'Sleeper's Wing', in Unhinged, 1999
'Boy Racer', in Planet Prozac, 1998
'Woman of the Sea', in Terror Tales, 1998
'Spirits of the Forest', in Monomyth, 1998
'Morrigan's Dreams', in Strix, 1998

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