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Prince Einion, The Impetuous Warlord of Gwynedd, boasts that he fears nothing.  Deep inside, though, he is terrified of beautiful women and would rather face a hundred Saxon warriors than have to approach a pretty maiden.

Breena, a settler-girl, captures Einion's heart when he comes across her in an enchanted valley.  His tongue dries and ties itself in knots, rendering him incapable of speech.  She runs away, fearing he is a spirit form the Otherworld --but the smitten prince vows to woo her.

When Breena is captured by Einion's enemy, the prince must overcome sadistic raiders, religious intolerance, and an ancient, violent evil in his attempt to rescue her.  Only then can he try to win what he most desires -- the stunning woman who terrifies him more than any enemy he has faced on the battlefield.

"There are those writers who ho historical and are good at what they do.  Then there are those who write horror and that's good too.  But Andrew Richardson melds the two and his talent is such it works excellently well.  Throw these ingredients into a cauldron of Celtic savagery and magic and you wallow in agrim but spellbinding tale of heroic warriors and beautiful women."  (Philip McCormac (author, Black Horse Westerns))

"...I've seen this novel from first draft to last and loved it..."  (Carole Ann Moleti, fiction reviewer Tangent Online and The Portal.)  Read the full review here.